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School for children with special needs

B-1/20, Janak Puri Behind Amarleela Hospital, New Delhi -110058

Help Build a Child’s Future

The following contributions are registered under Section 12A of

INCOME-TAX ACT, exemption u/s 80G.

“Giving is not about making a donation, it is about making a difference”

Let little feet take big steps

Internship/volunteers Enquiry form

You can make a difference in helping the disabled lead a productive and a happier life. We will provide a short orientation course on disability for those who wish to volunteer with us.

Share your ideas, skills and time at UDAI. You can support in the following areas:

1. Working with professionals (Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Psychologist)

• Assisting in writing assessment details

• Case studies

• Organizing case conferences in consultation with the professional

• Assist in maintaining record/files of professional

• Helping professionals in preparing timeslots/schedules of children for therapies

2. Fundraising activities

• Introduce UDAI to your organization/Institute – You can contribute by providing a platform for our organization in your work place. Help us reach your friends and colleagues. Encourage them to donate for our centre.

• Hold a fundraising event for UDAI

• Register yourself as an online fund raising volunteer.

• Promote UDAI and its products in your social networking profile and ask your friends to follow us. • Volunteer for installing Drop boxes at various places.

3. Conducting community survey, data collection

4. Organizing awareness camps & workshop on sensitizing community on “Acceptance of persons with Special needs” – Major topics would cover

• Introduction to various disabilities

• Class room Management techniques for children with Special Needs,

• Behaviour Management techniques for parents and professionals,

• Specific techniques for teaching children with Autism and other disabilities,

• Role of Occupational Therapies and other therapist role for the holistic development.

5. Working directly with our children at the centre:

• Organize activities for a group of selected children

• Become buddy to a child with intellectual disability

• Assisting the teacher in daily routine work.

• Contribute their time & expertise in School activities, Skill training programs, yoga activity, creating our activity videos, high resolution photographs

6. Assisting in official work/logistics – supporting team

• Support us through services as a consultant for our various departments depending on your skills, your availability and our requirement.

• You can guide us on Human Resources, Marketing of our products, Logistics, Online presence, Finance matters and others.

• Story writing or success stories by interviewing the parents, multi-disciplinary professionals and home visits

7. Corporates: Can tie up for employment of our young adults who are trained in basic computer operation, Graphic designing & Hospitality.

8. Support in setting up stalls for showcasing and sale of products made by our young adults with Special needs

9. Exposure visits for corporate employees, Art competitions, plantation, gardening.